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PetRem Labs

Computer and Scientific Modelling


What we do

Ever wanted to simulate a process happening in real life to study it in detail? Or to quickly assess the impact of changing one setting in your workchain?

We are here for you.

Thanks to our scientific expertise, we base our models on cutting-edge science.

Our passion pushes us to deliver more than you expect.


How we do it

You'll like it

Client 8

Open source software

Our commitment to use only free, open source software means that you won't need to buy any extra license.

Client 2

Tailored model

The complexity of the model is agreed upon your needs.

Client 3

You own everything

You keep the software and are the owner. We give you technical assistance to make you master your code.

Client 5

Full transparency

We tell you everything on how the models are implemented.

Toutes les vidéos

Toutes les vidéos

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All Categories

Fibrinolysis in artery

INSIST project


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